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In an increasingly staring and demanding society about the origin of goods and services and sustainable development polity, it is important to determine and prioritize your issues in order to organize targeted action and comply with the new expectations.



Integrate CSR issues means to link social and environmental challenges with the current economical challenges to create value added. Our approach leads to work on sustainable development with simplicity and pragmatism.

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Social impacts represent the relation between your firm and your employee. This impacts may take a variety of forms and there are many actions : wealth and security at work, job creation, distribution of income, social dialogue, professional training, integration of young people, nondiscrimination principle, created value share, continued employment of seniors, gender equity…

Finally, it deals with well-fare by actions that have a positive impact on concerned people

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Scarcity and end of natural ressources statement reflects the necessity of protect ecological balance to preserve life on earth. Your environmental impacts include all the results of our activities on the environement. It depends of the sector. It may aim to avoid CO2 emissions in order to tackle the issue of climate change, to protect biodiversity, to save natural ressources and to manage and recovery of waste.

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Your company has an economic impact and the promotion of a responsible economy is to reconcile economic performance with ethical principles.

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The well fare society reflects the possibility of each other to access, what ever the standard of living, to essential needs. Indeed, it represents the impact of your firm on this objective at the territory or the entire society level.

This issues may take a variety of forms as the repect of human rights, position of women in position of responsibility, equity with suppliers, access to health care, personal data protection, local development, business ethic and fight against corruption.

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territoireThe implementation steps based on reconciling the economic, social and environmental issues in relation to the expectations of stakeholders

« Governance » may mean the classic decision making body and decision procedure, an alternative model to a classic decision-making process.

The good governance is a way to govern that allows to reconcile environmental, social and economic issues to near, medium, and long term

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