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First of all, identify priority issues for a materiality analysis to guide your steps


By trying to do everything, it runs out! A materiality analysis allows identifying CSR priorities, relevant both to the performance of the company and the expectations of its stakeholders. The topics are transversal, different from one sector to another, depend on geographic, political, cultural parameters…. Deal with all issues together does not make sense, materiality appears as a key step to target actions in a continuous improvement approach.

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From concept to practice: our vision of integrated reporting


From the time the management integrates ESG issues in the strategy and its objectives, therefore, the board must be able to report appropriate performance indicators. The integrated report (not reporting) is the result of institutional communication following the integrated approach. The key lies in the fact that dashboards allow to analyze risks and opportunities through these integrated indicators.


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From the preparation of CSR reporting campaign and the development to certification of CSR report

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Drafting CSR report is relevant only if information can assess the ESG performance of a company through simple key figures and areas for improvement, clear and effective .. On different CSR issues, information is useful if it is based on reliable and relevant indicators for the company; the preparation of reporting is a key step.

Our teams help you prepare your reporting campaign for certification of your reports.  

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Analyzes and proposals for the reliability and relevance of your reporting protocol

Report key figures to evaluate the performance of action plan and prepare the next decisions : that is the essence of good ESG information system!

We offer an audit on the reliability and relevance of the CSR reporting protocol and suggest areas of improvement, appropriate tools adapted to your expectations : visualize your progress, credible data and optimize the reporting process.


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Boost your CSR rating


There is no single standard to report sustainable performance. Many institutes and agencies propose methodologies with several performance criteria, different data sources and for many analysts. Our services to answer CSR rating agencies (CDP Vigéo and RobecoSAM), help you to structure your speech, clear key messages and of course improve your grades!

Agencies surveys often require working capital and introspection regarding actions taken and the stated objectives for which we have the skills to help effectively.

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Get your Lucie certification


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LUCIE appears to us as an interesting solution for those who want to structure their CSR approach. This label is an intermediate solution to the norm ISO 26000 certification. It integrates the main content of the 7 core issues adapted in a very pragmatic way for small and mid-caps companies.

Our support in this process offers you relief from your workload, support based on recognized expertise and ownership of your sector-specific. We also propose to challenge your targets by calibrating to more ambitious but credible actions in your plans!


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Implement your CSR roadmaps!

territoireAn action plan is defined by a set of objectives, efficient indicators, human and financial resources, management processes and an implementation schedule. This is a much heavier work than a simple list of suggestions but a really operational roadmap to boost in-house involvement and to better explain CSR progress to stakeholders.

Our teams help you structure a CSR action plan. This plan will be tailor-made specific, pragmatic, scheduled and based on an analysis of the existing. 

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Give meaning to your carbon footprint while meeting your regulatory obligations before the end of December 2015

mobiliteThis is not too late to elaborate your 2015 carbon footprint The Assessment of Greenhouse Gas (Beges) is a mandatory report after the Grenelle II law. Companies in France with more than 500 people shall comply again before December 31, 2015. Do not hesitate to use our expertise and experience to allow you to abide as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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Attend customized training sessions on CSR issues


Sustainable development gathers many concepts and principles. Your teams need to appropriate and understand what are the connections between CSR issues and your business. 

Our training services suit to your needs, your expectations and your constraints. We take care of your industry specificities, your organization and your corporate culture.


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