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In some words :

About Carbone 4

Founded by Alain Grandjean and Jean-Marc Jancovici, Carbone 4 is a leacarboneding independent consulting firm, specialized in energy transition that offers its expertise to private or public players. The firm’s name refers to the Factor 4 « France’s objective of cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 75% by 2050 ». Convinced that anticipation of the climate change issue is the best option, Carbone 4 assists its clients to help them transform these constraints into an innovation accelerator, a commercial advantage and an excellent team building.

Their approach : from listening to action

– Understanding climate transition issues for economic actors’ industry and identifying low carbon projects with a high value added

– Identifying development strategies and prioritized targets

– Taking actions and managing change to grow the resilience of their organization



  • Energy transition strategy
  • Marketing analysis, technical-economic study
  • Financial engineering for the energy transition
  • Prospective scenarios on energy, stress-testing
  • Market studies, mapping of opportunities and stakeholders
  • Carbon and environmental footprint
  • Change management and action plan
  • Strategic communication for sustainable development
  • High-level seminar and customized training


Their fields of expertise 

Carbone 4 structured itself around seven groups of expertise to improve collective intelligence approach. Territories, energy adaptation to climate change, finance, mobility, construction and obviously greenhouse gas emissions are questions on which Carbone 4 consultants make a daily watch to offer comprehensive and thorough answers to their clients


Our fields of expertise




    Climate change





Contact :

96 rue de la Victoire 75009 Paris
01 76 21 10 00